Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Band and Video You've Just Got To See

Nearly a year ago we saw these guys open for Katy Perry (of all performers) at the 9:30 Club here in DC and when we caught up lead singers Ran (yup) and Ricky Jackson (they're twins) they promised us they would be back... well, we waited and waited... no news. Finally we MySpace messaged them and they told us things had not gone exactly according to plan, but to be patient.

We have been and they have a new album to be released this spring. They posted their first single, "Rogue Machine" up on their MySpace. If its any indication of how the new record will sound, we think the music world is in for something special.

Check out the tastefully done video here:

Rogue Machine (Don't Say That You Want Me) from The Daylights on Vimeo.

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the photo of the week has been the same 4ever when u gonna change it?