Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some hometown acts

So I grew up on the shoreline of Connecticut, attending a high school with the best show choir in the state... I guess it's no wonder that we have some pretty talented artists coming from my neck of the woods.

photo by Tony Spinelli

The first artist I'd like to mention is my best friend's older sister, Nicole Frechette. This former high school cheerleader, and college graduate, has spent the last few years recording a pop country album, while performing all over Connecticut. She's also working on doing a fundraiser for St. Jude's. For more information and to check out her some of her songs, visit and

photo courtesy of

Another artist of note is Andrew Doonan. He's an acoustic rock musician from my high school with great sound. With influences like Dave Matthews, and Matt Nathanson, Doonan released his debut album, In the Last Light, which is available on iTunes. You can catch four of his tracks on his MySpace at

Tracks to Note: "Yeah Right" by Nicole Frechette and "She Could Be Okay" by Andrew Doonan

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