Monday, April 14, 2008

a Beatles experience

So... sorry for the lack of postings, everyone has been on vacation in southern Italy (gorgeous, by the way).

Alright, so before we left on our trip, we rented Across the Universe from iTunes (another great feature of the world). Now I'm not too familiar with The Beatles, aside from ya know my mom's teenage obsession with Paul... and my brother's dogs are Abbey Road and Penny Lane... but I can't really say "I listen to The Beatles."

Well, for me personally, watching Across the Universe was a great introduction. I really thought it was a great interpretation of the songs via the US in the 60's. Alright... some may think it's cheesy to have a guy named Jude for "Hey Jude," and Lucy for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," but I still thought it was well done. Yes, the film gets quite trippy at some points, leaving you to wonder what exactly director, Julie Taymor, was smoking at the time... but all in all it was enjoyable.

I thought Jim Sturgess was fantastic as Jude. And the music covers were great. In fact, I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack since I saw the film.

If you're into musical films... drugs... the 60's... or even Bono... you should definitely check out Across the Universe and definitely pick up the soundtrack.

And yes, I apologize to all die hard Beatles fans out there who were outraged by the film... sometimes you just have to try something new.

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