Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok Go sells out famed DC venue

By Amy Willard

Although music video sensation band, Ok Go, is based out of Illinois, for lead singer Damian Kulash Washington DC is what he calls "home." Recalling stories of when he too was a fan in the crowd at the 9:30 Club (although it had another location then), the 90 minute set also featured plenty of F-bombs from Kulash (despite having already made a shout out to his parents in the balcony), and confetti-- lots of confetti (perhaps ironically colored red, white, and blue, just for the occasion).

The sold-out crowd packed the floor and the balcony as OK Go catered to fans, family, and friends, both new and old with popular titles "Here It Goes Again," "This Too Shall Pass," and old school favorite, "Get Over It."

Much to our dismay there weren't any treadmills or crazy science lab machines, featured on stage, however there was an entire song played by all members on bells (to which a "shut the f*ck up" had to be yelled in order to ready the anxious crowd), and a Kulash solo for "Back From Kathmandu" played from the center of the floor-- that's right, smack dab in the middle of the floor.

If you haven't had a chance to see Ok Go live, you're certainly missing out on authentic, modern day alternative rock show. But fear not, since the band recently parted ways with their label to simply "do it [themselves]" they have USB drives for sale featuring live recording from their spring tour on their website.

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