Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's... does MTV even still play music videos?

So last night MTV hosted their infamous Video Music Awards in New York City. Once again, the show was focused more on lame jokes, controversy, and well anything but talent in music videos. Highlights include: A tribute to the late Michael Jackson.... that's about it. What we did learn is: it's very ironic that a station named for Music Television which no longer airs music videos can still host music video awards, Kayne West is an official douchebag (we apologize if that's not PC... but seriously? Taking a 17 year old's one moment?), Pink can actually runaway with the circus now, Lady Gaga bleeds and Music is one of the few bands left with any talent.

Since no one has really seen any of the videos that won last night, Barricade Buzz thought it would be fitting to highlight some music videos from the last year that were overlooked by MTV (or really, VH1).


You Found Me

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