Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Speaks To The Buzz

Missed out on your chance at FREE tickets to this year's Virgin Mobile Free Fest? Don't fret! You can still win and earn tickets to the event. DC101 radio will be giving away tickets and you can also earn admission through volunteer work. Sign up for community service (you only need 13 hours... that's like 2 Saturdays) at the official website and you'll earn yourself Free-I.P. access to the event.

Already scored your free tickets? Great! Now you're in store for more FREE-ness at the event. Rumors are slated that Kyocera will be giving away free cell phones and rumored free plans to a select few who prove they are sans jobs. (Great for those recent college grads who still don't have a job!)

Also, Converse will be holding a design contest for a chance to win 1 years worth of shoes! (That's 12 pairs!) Even Gibson Guitars is getting in the mix by giving those in the Kyocera Lucky Layoff Lounge a chance at winning "Flying V" guitars.

Even though no one is guaranteed to win these grand prizes, it's pretty obvious that there will be plenty of free goodies at this years event. So if you haven't scored tickets yet, sign up and give back to your community and get in on this free-ness.

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