Thursday, May 28, 2009

Band to Buzz: Parachute

So... this is a very weird full circle kind of thing... A couple years ago I received a MySpace message from a band called Sparky's Flaw. They were telling me how they were coming to DC for a show. It turns out their gig was actually at my university. When I let them know, they messaged back asking what I thought the show would be like.

Well... knowing what "gigs" at my school had been like in the past-- mostly speaking from an interesting experience at the Howie Day event (ironically the last "major" concert held on campus...)-- I warned them that the show probably wasn't going some stellar experience, and to not get their hopes up. Whoever was writing still seemed hopeful and encouraged me to go. I was caught up with school work and never made it, unfortunately.

In a press release sent a few months back to we were informed of a band called Parachute-- formerly known as Sparky's Flaw. Small world? Well it turns out that the five guys coming to my campus weren't just some bogus band that my school usually picked to perform. They had real talent... and brains-- all five members attended UVA.

If you're wondering why Parachute might sound vaguely familiar, then you're probably a One Tree Hill fan. The fivesome from Charlottesville, Va was featured on this past season with their delightful single, "She Is Love."

With a sound compared to Maroon 5 and The Fray, their most recent album, Losing Sleep, is avaible now and features eleven delightful tracks, including "She Is Love." The guys just finished touring with O.A.R. and will coming to Jammin' Java in Vienna, Va in August.

Check em out now at

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