Friday, January 9, 2009

Steve's picks

Okay so a friend of mine asked me to give out a few names of some bands that people may, or may not know that are rocking the underground scene and the web. So here goes. 

Right now on my media player I have Self Against City playing and the song is called “Take It How You Want It” --I'll just compare it to a more popier version of The Starting Line (their older stuff). They are now mainstream but still have a huge shadow cast over them. Their last single was called "The Process.”

Moving on in the same genre I find myself listening to a lot of Mayday Parade, which I’m sure many know by now, and a band called Houston Calls.

There’s also 16th Avenue (check out “First Fall" The Acoustic version), which is from Canada and consists of three brothers. They played some of Warped Tour last year, but didn't come to where I was (UGH!).

Finally, there's My American Heart. They have toured a lot with big names, but have never head lined—though I have a feeling they’ll be running the scene along with some other up and comers in no time.

Check these names out on MySpace and PureVolume and let me know what you think.

+Steve Dewyea

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