Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Songs I'm Jammin'

Here are some songs I'm personally diggin' these days:
(most of them are pop/"punk"... hate the genre all you want, you know you find yourself listening to it anyway)

"On and On" by Vanilla Sky (can someone seriously bring these guys to the US to play already!)

"Saturday" by Kids in Glass Houses (They're from the UK... and I'm smitten.)

"Sometimes When You Lose, You Win" by Karate High School (props to my friend, Chris Douglass)

"Think of You Later" by Every Avenue (I've got a broken heart... excuse me if this song helps me pretend like I'm taking things well.)

"With Flying Colors" by Phonocast [vocalist/keys, Nick Foxer (former keyboardist for AAR), owes me some Meet Joe Black and wine... this is his reminder.]

"Lies" by Sexy Is my Middle Name (it's Nick of October Fall... why not.)

"Woah Oh Me VS Everyone" by Forever the Sickest Kids (they make me want to dance while I'm driving, perhaps more so than Miley Cyrus)

"Wake the Sun" by The Matches (I saw them open for Yellowcard)

"Abracadavers" by The Classic Crime (I'm a sucker for anything remotely Alternative)

listen and enjoy. the weekend is almost here


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