Monday, July 21, 2008

Not so Permanent anymore

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So in the the beginning of 2007 the Buzz got a chance to see a New York based band, Permanent ME, on the Friends or Enemies tour when it rolled through Washington DC. We liked what we heard and expected them to go far. Well, earlier this year the guys said farewell and decided to pursue other musical projects.
Former lead guitarist/vocalist, Brian Kapler, has started a new band called The Keepers. They feature a laid back--possibly "pseudo jam band"-- rock sound. Check them out at We think fans of fellow Long Island rockers, Nine Days, will probably like these guys.


mendelbomb said...

These guys have a fresh sound - love it!!!! Blue eyes and sweet emily are awesome and although at first I thought country song was cheesy I can't stop singing it...could that be the cause of my lactose intolerance flare up? Hope they get out on the road soon.

fieldgurl said...

Awesome tunes, can't wait to see them live!

Anonymous said...

they are amazzzzing