Thursday, April 24, 2008

an EP to note

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So today's post is about probably my favorite band of all time, Nine Days. If you're thinking "gee... that name sounds familiar... but--hm..."

Well, here's a reminder... this is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world...

Memory jogged? Good. That was from their 1999/2000 hit, "Absolutely [Story of a Girl]" from their popular release, Madding the Crowd.

Anyways, my friend Alex and I were obsessed with them when we were in school [so much so, in 7th grade we had to turn a song into a painting... you can only guess what I painted]... yeah, but then they pretty much fell off the face of the Earth...

Later it was disclosed that they had recorded a follow up album, So Happily Unsatisfied, but due to some "complications" they were never allowed to release it. [Lucky for you... many of the tracks have been leaked onto file sharing networks... but shhh.]

After that set back, the guys recorded a self produced album, Flying the Corporate Jet, but by then, I think everyone had forgotten about them. [Luckily for me, I snagged one of the few remaining copies from the band a few summers ago and it's an iTunes regular for me now]. Then the guys set off to pursue solo projects.

No one really knew what was going on with the band so I had messaged them via MySpace and there were talks of a reunion. During the summer of 2006 Nine Days finally started performing again. I was actually going to shoot for them in Sayville, but I had a conflict at the last moment. [Hopefully I'll make it up to them soon.]

Anyways, earlier this year they released a brand new EP, which I think it's worth checking out. It features some songs that lead singer and guitarist, John Hampson, had written during the band's hiatus.

The EP is titled "Slow Motion Life (Part One)" and is available online through SNOCAP.
The track listing includes:
"A Girl in California"
"Suddenly (A Brown Eyed Girl)"
"Worth Fighting For"
"Just as Through With You"
"New Shoes"
"Brand New Me" <--- my favorite song from the days I'm definitely encouraging everyone to check out their stuff on MySpace and their official website.

oh... here's the video [*sigh, memories]

[Sony wont let you embed. whatever.]

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