Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today's Find: Standard of Living

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So when Ben Folds Five disassembled in 2000, my heart broke just a little, and sadly I could never really get into The Bens, despite my undying love for Ben Folds.

Last night... I stumbled across a great replacement, Standard of Living. They're a group of guys from Buffalo, NY and they've got a great piano rock sound. I can't really get enough of "Autumn in Amherst." The whole Ben Folds Five meets Something Corporate meets The Get Up Kids sound makes for some great listening.

I've listened to several piano rock bands, and what I think seems to be the biggest challenge for artists is incorporating the piano without a. drowning it over guitar rifts or b. making it too predominant. Finding that balance among the instruments, especially with the piano is rather difficult, but Standard of Living has definitely found the median.

Patience is their self produced and recorded 2006 EP which can be sampled on their MySpace. They will also be touring this April, on the East Coast with Ben Jelen.

Catch em on tour or at least check out their MySpace at

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