Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your Space... No! MySpace!!

Alright so with community sites like MySpace becoming so popular, it's easy to discover new things. MySpace Music makes it even easier to find new music. As a result, common postings here are going to be MySpace Finds.

This week's find is a home state discovery, First Ave []

Spawning out of Branford, Connecticut, this quartet features an alternative/indie rock sound. The first track listed in their player is "Best Intentions," which makes me think of vocals similar to that of Incubus and rifts of Hawthorne Heights. Interesting blend? I thought so, but it really works. Normally I'm not a fan of the pop-punk melodies that switch into random screamo, but First Ave manages to pull it off without being overbearing.

"Before You Go" is the second track on the player and it's relaxed ballad that opens with some intricate guitar work. It's refeshing to hear people who can tickle the neck of a guitar, and not just slash around with a distortion pedal and call it music.

Overall, the band has a catchy sound, but not in that uber pop-TRL-sell out way. If you're into Incubus, you're going to want to check these guys out. So kick back, head over to and check out First Ave.

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